rude. presents NOT HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS, a multimedia sketch show exploring what happens when women stop being polite and start being people.

    November 15, 7 p.m.
    Hell Yes Fest
    with KELLY AND LINDSEY: "Kelly and Lindsey Do New Orleans" [New York]
    $10 in advance/$12 at the door
    tickets here

    November 20, 8 p.m.
    New Orleans Fringe
    with VANESSA GONZALEZ: "I Don't Know Words" [Austin]
    $8 with $3 Fringe button
    tickets here

    Catch a preview of the show at the Hell Yes Fest opening night showcase and celebration at One Eyed Jacks!

  • My Purse, My Choice

    Weird week! The success of My Purse, My Choice has wildly exceeded our expectations and has made us thrilled as we can possibly be while also maintaining decorum at our respective day jobs. This week has involved a lot of squealing and exclamation point-laden text messages from us. 

    We can't even with all this love and press we're getting. 

    Here's how it all started. At 11 pm Friday, Aug. 16, we joined forces with video man Chad Bower, a dream of a person in every way, to film this fake PSA that was devised over stadium nachos during a boring Saints pre-season game the weekend before. He edited the next day and we released it Sunday. 

    We were happy our friends (especially our comedy buds from The New Movement), family and local media enjoyed the video and were passing it on, but then even cooler things started happening. Uproxx's With Leather picked it up. A bona fide sports thing on Yahoo! wrote about it. 

    THEN our boss/friend/dad/mentor Chris Trew received an email from the TODAY SHOW asking if they could air the clip. Duh!

    THEN it popped up on CNN, the Worldwide Leader of News. 

    THEN MSNBC asked us to do a live interview about the video. We got 6:30 a.m. blow-outs and, riding on nothing but iced coffee and excitement, headed to a tiny studio outside the French Quarter to film our segment. They even provided real make-up ladies to make us look camera ready (Colleen, who is good at being a woman, knows how to do her make-up; Lauren needed some assistance). Notice our pop colors and statement jewelry. 

    THEN we even got the attention of such reputable media outlets that include The New York Times (using a not entirely accurate ID for us, but we'll take it), The Washington Post and The Dallas Morning News

    And in what is perhaps our most crowning achievement, we got a shout-out from Luna Bar. 

    So, what's next for this pair that some YouTube user called "dumb broads"? (We've made about 400 sandwiches for anonymous YouTube users this week because that's what we were ordered to do.) 

    We had been plotting for a while — because we are best friends and comedians who like each other's brains a whole lot — and the controversy surrounding the NFL's new bag regulations was an impetus to put one of our ideas to paper and get it out there. Under the name rude., we will be doing improv, makin' vids and, most importantly, working toward our original goal of creating a live, multimedia sketch show. We may also be announcing an exciting partnership in the next few days. In the most immediate future, we are performing as part of TNM's Duocity showcase this Saturday

    Until then, give us your email address using the "get in touch" link and/or "like" our Facebook page to follow our white wine-fueled creative endeavors. 

    Thank you all so much for your incredible support of this video: through sharing it, pestering Ellen Degeneres via Twitter (we've yet to hear from her so please keep at it), showing it to your mom, calling out YouTube garbage people in the video's comment section, giving us big hugs, writing beautiful emails to us and so many other things. Our hearts are bursting because of your support. 


    Colleen and Lauren

  • duocity

    rude. is performing at the Saturday, Aug. 24 installment of Duocity, The New Movement's improv duo showcase! 9 p.m., 1919 Burgundy St. in New Orleans. BYO white wine (for us to drink after the show). More info here